Owner and Founder

It was rich memories of food and family that ultimately lead Mike Robinson to found Eightfold Eats, Vancouver’s premium whole food, dedicated Gluten-Free and Vegan facility.


Mike’s adventurous spirit took him from small town Ontario on a journey that would establish his innovative products as some of the leading nutritious snacks available in the local market.


Inspired by his grandmother to respect and appreciate food, Mike pursued his chef’s papers. He worked in the organic food and finance industries and then completed training as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and developed as a Life Coach. This journey into alternate fields rekindled his love for food and food science, while shaping his unique approach to ingredients, baking and business. With courage and confidence, Mike developed the skills… and the vision that would become crucial to the success of Eightfold Eats.


After his own food-related health issues surfaced, Mike sought to create the tastes he craved in foods that were also nutritious. He became attuned to the changing demands for food across the region, tapping into the tidal wave of demand rising across Vancouver. He began creating healthier, ingredient-specific products with no refined flours or sugars, and offering a variety of Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan products.


It is evident from meeting Mike that he lives with intention, his acknowledgement of Buddhism’s noble Eightfold Path – living with intention, accountability and a commitment to self-empowerment. Experience with his products literally inspires spiritual revitalization. One imagines Mike as an illustrious Baker Laureate, using his baking virtuosity into the wee hours to perfect the harmonious interplay of ingredients and textures for his expectant customers.


Mike’s first love was food. His whole life has centred on food and nutrition. He is enjoying this chapter of his life immensely – with his small son and beautiful wife in one of the most livable Metro regions in Canada – and he believes he has other chapters to write.